Money lending -> Banking -> Fintech -> Alibaba: where am I, here & now?
  • I started my career with the best NBFC in the country. The pioneer in vehicle financing, is still one of the best, even after over 60 hrs.

#RegalAt60 for organizations, they are living beings too.

  • Later was blessed to be part of the team that disrupted retail banking/asset financing as a middle-level leader
  • As CXO established auto finance in another country and took to leadership. An enduring legacy, Divine Grace.
  • Then stepped out of corporate.
Tracking the Alibaba story, I feel like a dinosaur 🦖🦕 in BFSI. That space is at the cusp of disruption. Unlike other China-based entities that got state support or merely copy-pasted ideas from the west…. The largest-ever IPO is totally in a new league!
At the core of his approach, Jack Ma addressed the most important gap, opportunity:

customer service, customer delight, customer-centricity.

Banks still are internal oriented, profit-driven, not customer-centric; nowhere near #PlanetPeopleProfit
As an ex-banker, I wonder where am I in the ‘banking’ space, Fintech or like Alibaba?

What are you in your area of work?

Dinosaur or Phoenix?
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