The author has summarised how do we handle stress at work, esp if we are workaholic.

My favourite is the last one, pick one or two healthy outlets : Exercise, Meditate, get outdoors to breathe fresh air/get out of work-desk, build things, play Scrabble, talk to someone, sing/dance/play an instrument –whatever works, just do it!

These are not only useful to overcome stress, but more importantly preventive. Meditation is a must. Pick up any meditation technique that you like, simple & easy to practise.
Healthy lifestyle helps too….Yoga too !

One big preventive prescription is : don’t be a workaholic šŸ™‚
Don’t just be on ‘corpoRATe race’!!
Love work, then it will not be a ‘work’. And don’t forget work/job/career is just Maya!


7 Ways to Be a Stress-Free Workaholic |

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