Just last evening, I read the chapter, ‘My Greatest Teacher’, from Dr. Wayne W. Dyer ‘s book, ‘I Can See Clearly Now’. Here I come across this movie on the same story! ‘Nothing is a coincidence in the Universe’!

We all have or had relationships which have tested us (with some ‘failures’?)
They were all important lessons, for us to move on… to the next level of spiritual evolution.

Over last couple of days, had some deep Coaching & Mentoring sessions. While #Legacy came across as a key long-term goal, parenting & relationships (spouse, parents, siblings) came across the key elements thereof. Not career, wealth, etc.

#Thankyou Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Must watch… #ChooseBliss #healing #HayHouse

My Greatest Teacher Dr Wayne W Dyer 




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