He was the rock star of an earlier generation. His autobiography was a must-read then.
Leaders are always making choices, decisions.
Often don’t get the timing right. Look around and you will see so many examples: corporate, sport, politics. Everywhere.
Not just in the corporate or biz, also in other areas.
1. What would help a leader to make a decision? To make the right choice?
2. What would help a leader to get the timing right?
Any thoughts?
  • Experience would help the leader to move from the sphere of unconscious incompetence to unconscious competence.
  • A bias for learning, the humility, the curiosity helps.
  • Being comfortable with a ‘not knowing’ space.
  • Learning agility
  • It is also about developing self-awareness. Mindfulness helps immensely.
  • To be able to tap into the consciousness beyond the ego. Going beyond I/me/mine to larger we/society. Selfishness to selflessness.

Master calls it #IQ2EQ2SQ

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