Came across this interesting post, “4 Habits of Millionaires That Work for Everyone“. My thoughts:

Aim to be a ‘millionaire’. Still better is to work for Abundance. This is how we (at Regal Unlimited) would handle this element with our coaching/healing clients, to those who are receptive & ready! For we don’t drive the agenda:)

Money, wealth, etc are good to aim & work for. What we truly want is not that, but what it gives. There is enough abundance around. We just need to tap it! Perhaps that is a lot more holistic?!

1. Work Hard – and also smart. I am a fan of “The 4-Hour Work Week: Escape the 9-5, Live Anywhere and Join the New Rich” by Timothy FerrissIt is not necessary to work hard. Working smarter is as, if not more important. Still better, work for a higher purpose. You can achieve that by offering everything you do

2. Have Goals – We are familiar with S-M-A-R-T goals, ‘R’ being ‘relevant’ (from heart). Sir John Whitmore’s additional parameters make them holistic too

– PURE: Positive, Understood, Relevant, Ethical

– CLEAR: Challenging, Legal, Environmentally Sound, Appropriate, Recorded.

Most important part of it is, write them down!

3. Be Willing to Fail: Not necessary though:)

4. Get a Mentor – I would say, Get a COACH: A coach will be a sounding board, not-knowing/curious and self-less.

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