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“Every business Is a digital business” – How geared leadership is?

“Every business Is a digital business, But some just don’t know it yet”, says Nitin Rakesh, CEO of Bangalore, India-based IT firm Mphasis, in this Knowledge@Wharton Podcast. He explores the change in retail banking/brokerage, insurance & real estate business… Two of my friends reported recently 1. Retail Bank: ‘ I voluntarily downgraded by ‘premium’ category of […]

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Future Grooms Leaders to be a Biyani

This heading in business dailies and also in the business section of ‘normal’ newspapers is getting a lot of attention.  (nothing normal about the newspapers, anymore?!) This is mentoring with a new twist. And in India, perhaps only Mr Biyani could have pulled it off. Out-of-box stuff, to use a cliche! Under the ‘Ban Jao Biyani‘ programme, […]

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