Coaching is a model of progressive leadership. When Leaders become coaches, they lead differently. They become enablers and activators of other’s leadership capacities, they steer high performing teams and the more they advance as a coach, the more their way of being and behavior reflects advanced levels of organizational leadership.

Are you a Leader-Coach? Does your organization believe in nurturing the Coaching Culture?
Are you a future-ready leader? Do you want to be a Leader who deploys Coaching skills in his workplace and life for exceptional breakthroughs?

If Yes, then here is an opportunity to kick start the International Coaching Week by attending this free Regal Global Webinar with Leon VanderPol

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About the Speaker: Leon VanderPol

For over twenty years, Leon VanderPol has devoted his life to personal development and inner leadership. Through his work, Leon helps people discover and embody who they truly are, beyond all beliefs and judgements about themselves. Leon is widely acknowledged as a pioneer and thought leader in the field of transformational coaching and living, and has spent thousands of hours training and mentoring coaches, facilitators, entrepreneurs, leaders and others from all over the world. He is the founder and Managing Director of the Center for Transformational Coaching, whose training programs now have graduates in more than 35 countries.

We also invite you to read this famous blog by the author on Wise Leadership which speaks of how the leaders of future must integrate knowledge and wisdom in both personal and professional domains.

Read Leon’s blog on Leading with wisdom


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