We are bound by rules/regulations, norms (explicit or otherwise) and other external boundaries in all activities we undertake. In sensitive areas like defense, government, banking, security, etc., it is very important to stick to the same, in letter & spirit.

Very often we try to restrict ourselves to the comfort zone, citing the rules. We rarely pause to think or question or challenge, the right way. We don’t realize we are conveniently operating within the ‘constraints’, thus depriving ourselves to test barriers/ourselves and experience ‘aha’ or ‘freedom’. Often these are self-imposed!!

As such, wherever it is allowed/possible/not violating/low risk, we should break barrier and test ourselves outside the boundary (‘lakshman rekha’).

Others may not understand. That is no excuse for pushing ourselves.

The other side of the boundary could be big opportunity and freedom from fear. It is thus an opportunity and responsibility… to realize the fuller potential within ourselves…

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