Dear Leader,

“We won’t take you back, we only propel you forward in the year.”

To be ‘Regal’ is to be majestic in life (Professionally and Personally) and as we draw curtains to the eventful 2021, we ask you to introspect and envision the transformation and progress in your journey ahead.

Presenting a snapshot of our journey with ‘YOU’. Please feel free to watch, read and listen to any of the following resources.

ICF India Conclave 2021 was the biggest coaching event of the year. The event was filled with deep insights and experiences from eminent speakers on various topics. you can have a look at some topics by clicking on the button below.

For over twenty years, Leon VanderPol has devoted his life to personal development and inner leadership. He is the founder and Managing Director of the Center for Transformational Coaching. Watch his insights from this webinar by clicking below.

Listen to an amazing podcast on coaching that can change the mindset of a leader. Subash CV, the master trainer delves deep into how mindsets can be changed, and leaders can be created!

Regal Talks is a series of conversations with HR leaders, Coaches, Industry thought leaders to bring out their views. This talk with Siddharth Sathpathy tells us about the importance of storytelling in leadership.

We are thankful to you for being a part of our journey. Wishing you all a healthy, prosperous, and
Regal New Year 🙂

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