Coaching is about ‘maximizing the personal and professional potential’ of the coachee(ICF). For the coach, it is an opportunity to be a witness to the transformational shift to the coachee, at all levels – Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

Coach-training: If coaching comes to us at a certain stage of life or state of consciousness, coach-training is deeper. Hence coach training is more about the deep work of the coach, and then, the certification/credential.

Are you ready for a transformational journey to become a coach, and then, Being a Coach?

We have been training aspiring coaches and leaders for over 5 years. Check out, #CoachTraining – Celebrating 5 years of training & mentoring. We have trained over 150 aspiring coaches/leaders, from across the globe. We have conducted leadership workshops for over 2,000 leaders across the globe, Face2Face and virtually, to help them add coaching to their leadership, life.

We started a batch at Bengaluru in December 2019. Some of the feedback received at the end of the first session:

Well-paced, Learner-Centered, Practical, Insight-Based, Enabling, In the spirit of Coaching, Focus on Practice/coaching sessions with feedback, Equal focus on the coaching process & the Art, Co-creating/Journey, Co-Creation/Flow….

ICF approved coach training and certification: We are launching a new Online/live sessions starting on Jan 18th, 2020. (We are starting a Chennai-classroom batch on 25th & 26th Jan 2020)

  • For aspiring coaches, corporate leaders, HR/L&D professionals, Agile/Scrum/Tech professionals, Consultants and Change Agents. For ‘coaches’, who are yet to be certified/credentialed, this may help in incorporating the ICF approach to coaching and being part of the coaches’ fraternity.

Coaching is the universal language of change

  • Based on ICF coaching competencies, leadership and related topics. We help you become a coach and all aspects related to the business of coaching. A program that is at the confluence of eastern and western philosophies, practitioners
  • Facilitated by @SubashCV, INSEAD alum, MCC (ICF) and a team of professional coaches.
  • You get to be a part of #RegalCoaches, an exclusive club of alumni, for continued learning and business collaboration.

This is a journey, to deeper self-awareness and then certification/credentials.

For more details pls visit & download the brochure:

To apply pls write to or Limited seats. Conditions apply.

Let us make learning a goal for 2020. The future of leadership is Coaching.

#Learn2Coach the #iCFway

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