Interesting day-1 at NHRD Summit .

– ‘Talent is everyone’ was a very powerful message (very spiritual). Managing talent is indeed beyond ‘bell-curve’ and other tools/methods. Every human being is unique.

– Environment decides how people act at work! (true, but that should not be an ‘excuse’ for the ‘worker’ either :)!)

– Manage performance AND health. Not ‘OR’! (Holistic Talent Management)

– If employees are empowered, they will be naturally accountable!

– Shift in mindset needed: from ‘developing’ people to ‘supporting’ people! (Coaching helps!)

– “Aiming HighCoaching People to Succeed and Creating Energy” are key! A beautiful amalgamation of Leadership, Coaching & Healing!

That is key to managing millennial, talent 2020!

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