• What is the purpose of life?

These are existential questions very few of us stop by to ask.

The content (Vs. the “context”, from the coaching perspective) for this film is a typical interaction between siblings where there is a bit of playful banter and one-upmanship. The campaign shows a young girl who gradually falls in love with the football ⚽️ game as she keeps seeing her brother watch it and wear his emotions on his sleeve for his favorite club. This slice of life is supposed to a portrayal inspired by stories of siblings and friends as to how they came to fall in love with the sport.

The girl asks her brother, “Bhaiya yaar, football mein kya hai, haan ?” The brother responds, with a loads of intensity,

“It is my life”

Then mom appears on the scene and reminds the football fan about his exam the next day and asks him to go and study now, “do you want to fail in your exams?” (Indian mom!)

If football is his life, is he nurturing it? Or is he on his way to become an engineer, a doctor, or an accountant? Are the parents supporting? Of course, watching the game is only a starting point. Passion means doing something you love.

A fellow-coach shared this. One of his friends, during his school/college days, badly wanted to become a cricketer. But his parents wanted him to study, get a job and be successful! In his mid-50’s now, it still bothered him he could not become a cricketer. He was no prodigy too, he confirms. Through the coaching process, he discovered he can still associate himself with the beautiful game. And he put together all his life experiences, along with his passion, to learn a new skill and is back in the ground…. as an umpire. He is now happy, so are his parents.

What is your love? What are you doing about it in a way that helps you to learn and grow, without any external pressure? Some of us are going back to art, music, dance, writing classes.

Master says, ‘the purpose of life is to live a life of purpose’ #I2We2He

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