To learn & grow is a deep need within.

#Reading habit comes up during our coaching and mentoring sessions.

For various reasons, most of us have left behind our love for books. While all of us would like to continue learning, we have also adopted different learning styles over the years. Sometimes we tend to romanticize the diversity too! Sometimes it becomes a belief. For example, ‘I can no longer read books like before’! And s/he is on a coaching or coach training program, “to maximize the personal and professional potential” (ICF definition of coaching). Many of these are relevant to me too.

One book I started reading and finished during an international flight was this book, by Anita. A very powerful book on near-death experience and healing. It was just un-put-down-able! Usually, I would sleep during a long flight, watch one movie, and read a bit. That entire flight was just reading.

This Facebook update came up for Nov 9, 2015. Some of these FB updates are good reminders of old experiences, that make our lives. This also reminds me I have not ready anything significant in this genre recently.

What is your learning style? (Let’s not romanticize)

What are you reading now?

Have a great week ahead…

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