A Linkedin Poll: Any leader, CEO/COO/CFO/CMO/CXO/CIO, needs time to make an impact. Currently, what do you think is the average tenure of a corporate leader? 

DYK The average tenure in the CSuite, based on a Korn Ferry study: 

– CMO: 4.1 yrs

– CEO: 8.0 yrs

– CFO: 5.1 yrs

– CIO: 4.3 yrs

Trust of the boss: 

  • An earlier study indicated ‘80% of CEOs do not trust/unimpressed with their CMOs’
  • If you can not impress (in the right sense) your boss, can you impress your customers and other stakeholders, internal and external?
  • The corresponding figure for a CFO was pegged at 10% – no wonder the CFO is considered the right hand of a CEO. Is that also because the CEO does not understand the nuances of the financial numbers? Pun intended!
  • Managing the boss, again in the right sense, beyond jugaad, is an area a lot of corporate leaders don’t give enough focus. And they are mostly the performers. Performers assume their work will speak for itself, no need to impress the boss(es).  But then can you assume anything in a relationship?
  • Should we not nurture every relationship, at work, at home, spouse/kids/pets included?
  • At another level, does the duration really matter? Every moment is an opportunity to make an impact, a contribution?

Leadership coaching is not just about the data or gyaan! It is What, Why, and How!

HOW: What should the corporate leaders do?

  1. Nurture every relationship – network with peers, boss’ peers, super boss, and of course, team/their peers. Calendarise it, if possible. Define objectives. Have a plan. 
  2. Role Clarity: As a leader, let there be clarity in your role. Both at JD level and beyond.  
  3. What is the objective? What you intend to achieve in your leadership role. 
  4. Career goals: Set your career goals, be clear about where you want to go. Beyond your selfish needs to the larger impact on the organization, country. Master calls it, #I2We2He 
  5. Hire a Professional coach. A professional coach can help you 
    • Set your career, life goals. #RegalAt60 is a popular tool, that operates at the confluence of coaching, mentoring, and healing
    • Help you explore your self-limiting beliefs, biases,mental map, et al
    • Come up with actions that help you reach the goals, in a holistic way

Maximize your leadership potential with a professional coach.   


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