Came across this post just after we had a virtual session, as part of ICF Approved ACTP Coach Training,  where we discussed ‘Discovery/Chemistry Session’ with a new client and also a few ICF Coaching competencies. ‘Nothing is a coincidence’!

‘Coaching is an intimate process…’ Can’t agree more.

‘Your personal story is the connective tissue that bonds you with your client…’ Trust, agreement, confidentiality, forms a good foundation of a coaching engagement. Hence it depends on how much the coach is real, open and authentic. Also at a level where it does not overwhelm the client.

My thoughts:

  1. What is the story that scares you the most to tell? My biggest failure at work (over 21 yrs) is the scariest of all!
  2. Why are you here to help? Borrowing a line from a great poet, ‘came to help, remained to co-create’ (incl to praise, finding strength in client)
  3. Did you make it about them? It has to be about the coachee. If it is about me, the coach, it comes with ego.

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