This topic has been trending in the media & social media.
Nooyi’s candor is very inspiring, as she does not sugar coat the difficulty to ‘balance’ work/life or manage multiple roles. I was touched by her ability to display vulnerability. That ability perhaps makes her a leader with difference.

As I read through the report, one thought stuck to me. What would have been different if she had hired a Coach? Wonder if she has a Coach!
She has Coaching as one of her popular 5Cs, being her roadmap to success: Competency, Courage & Confidence, Consistency, Compass & Coaching. (MIT Sloan)

A Coach would have been a good sounding board for her, at different stages in life.

A good Coach would have helped her to handle her 3R’s (Regret, Resentment & Reject), in a holistic way.

PS: Friends in corporate world, it is never too late to hire a coach – an experienced, certified/credentialed one, only.

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