A medical student’s quest to become a good doctor and how he turned to #coaching for insights wapo.st/2fvSpak @Boundroid
–‘he wants to be a doctor who integrates scientific care that comes from the book with transformative care that connects with a patient’s soul. As his coach, it’s my job to help him get there.’
— Coaching changes mind-sets and behavior.
— As coach and client, we grow together, together to improve patient care one medical student, one physician, one health-care organization at a time.
A medical student embraced coaching. What is stopping other leaders, managers, executives in organizations to BE A COACH at work?
Coaching skills helps us in every role, at work & home, personal & professional life.
Learn art, science & practice of coaching, potentially leading to ICF credentials, ACC, PCC.
ICF approved ACTP coach training starts at Chennai on 12 November.

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