MBank And The Future Of Responsive Banking | TechCrunch

“Banking is boring… “
One of the last innovations to come out of banking ?? ATM 🙂
Lot of innovation has gone into creative products, some of which took us down into the financial crisis !!

Here is a Polish bank, trying to be slightly innvoative and creative to make the banking experience at least different.

While the on-line options of most banks are as outright boring, apart from user-unfriendly, at least mBank is attempting to give a new touch & feel. It is built on a very responsive design that uses HTML5.

MBank And The Future Of Responsive Banking | TechCrunch

Compared to the 20K plus banks world-wide, this on-line interaction would be a different experience. And as per their claim, the response has been positive.

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Indeed, this is applicable to any B2C experience 
Which one of our banks will take this kind of initiative to make banking a little less boring, esp on-line experience ?!

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