Interesting podcast on the changing landscape of healthcare business!!

– Design part of medical college program!

– Hospitality in Hospital: “If you’re in a hospital for a week and you’re getting IV antibiotics, the expertise of the doctors, the caring of the nurses, that’s on me. But everything else is hospitality…. As a hospital CEO, … I’m going to go and bring in hospitality folks to do it.”

– “Here’s a fact, not a prediction: 80% of what doctors do will be replaced by an IBM Watson type of thing.”

– I wish technology was available when I had to memorize organic chemistry!

– Medical professional are being taught ‘skills like empathy, like talking to patients, like communication’…

– The traditional curriculum is going through sea change. ‘…we have CEOs, business leaders, CMS people, entrepreneurs, all of those people coming in and telling us about what they’ve learned’

– The effectiveness of future professionals and leaders will depend more and more on these not-so-soft skills.

– ‘80% percent of what doctors do will be replaced by an IBM Watson type of thing….in two years’.
This is not a prediction, but a “fact”!

The millennial generation will ensure medical business will shift to MEDICARE

More importantly, is it just medical profession? Maybe ‘Future of Work’, in every area. Leaders Beware!

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