Every small change in life is like death & rebirth

For example,

  • deciding career stream,
  • new job,
  • marriage,
  • move from executive to manager to leader,
  • parenting, etc.

For these important shifts we don’t get coaching/mentoring, but go by what others have done, earlier.

Bank Clerk: I remember, in my first job, at the bank. I was still an undergrad student. I was initially in the backend of agri loans but quickly elevated to handle the customers at the current account section. This was well before IMPS, NEFT, et al. I obviously had questions regarding current account section that I was handling. I was told by my team-leads to ‘look at previous pages and figure out. It was simple’!

It was not difficult to figure out. But I learn an important lesson in managing, leading, what not to do.

Young leaders always needed help. Perhaps they never really got it? The tradition continues now. We are busier and more distracted.

All the more reason to introduce coaching & mentoring to young leaders.

  • How are we preparing your young, first-time leaders?
  • Is coaching (pure, classical, non-prescriptive) still reserved for the senior leaders?
  • The collective consciousness is ready for this transformational shift, courtesy also millennial.

Millennial connects better with coaching style of leadership. Expose them to #Coaching & #Mentoring.

Check out options under ‘Academy’ at www.regalunlimited.com

  • accredited and unaccredited,
  • intro/dummies and advanced.

It helps young leaders, organizations to help young leaders with coaching skills

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