Coaching was always part of our culture, across the geographies. Just as storytelling was always part of our culture, spoken or otherwise. Thanks to pioneering efforts by professional and not-for-profit entities like International Coaching Federation (ICF), professional coaching has got a new thrust in the practice. ICF is engaged in promoting the art, science, and process of coaching, backed by solid research and focus on the code of ethics. The organization is run professionally, by a group of employees and also volunteers all over the globe through their chapters. ‘Ask not what ICF can do for you…’ is a slide in all our ICF-approved coach training programs. “Giver > Taker”, as Adam Grant would put it? As part of our efforts to re-discover and play a catalytic role in the development of professional coaching in India, we organized a qualitative research by a professional agency to look into it. As part of ICF’s annual event, International Coaching Week (ICW) 2022, we invite all aspiring coaches for a webinar where we share some key findings. Pls register using this link and join on May 17th, 8:00 PM India Time/GMT+530:

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