Coaching is also moving from the current state to a more resourceful state. A simple, but powerful definition. (Let’s uncomplicate)

Dictionary meaning of being ‘resourceful’ is, able to deal skillfully and promptly with new situations, difficulties,etc.

I may opt to be resourceful

  • when I am coached, for that is the natural outcome of the intervention
  • when I coach others, for the stated goal, objective or outcome is aligned with the shift.
  • In any other situations, difficulties…

The question I ask myself is

  • Am I being pushed to a less resourceful or more resourceful state by others, situations, difficulties?
  • Is my client moving to a more resourceful state, of his/her choice, pace, space, et al?
  • Am I creating the space for others to remain, if not shift to a more, resourceful space? In all my roles, at work, home, community? Do I pause for perspective (of others)? Do I operate from that level of awareness? It is a choice. Am I making the choice, with awareness?

What about you? How do you handle situations in 1 & 3, whether you are a coach or not? If you are a coach or a leader, how do you handle? Share in comments or 1 – 1.

Let’s choose, bliSSS


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