If business owners/entrepreneurs are hiring coaches ‘for receiving key advice & shortcuts to success’, then take a deep breath and ask yourself… ‘Am I looking for a consultant/mentor/subject-matter expert or a Coach’? If you are looking for specific help in business, don’t waste your time with a Coach.

A coach does not need to be an expert in your area of activity. He has to be an expert in the art and science of coaching. The process and competencies that a coach would be typically exposed to as part of his certification & credentialing journey. Additionally, what he is, depending on his background, education, experience, interests/passion, etc would also contribute to the person that he/she is! By opting for a subject matter expert, you will not get the best ‘coaching’ results. For a real coach is curious, operating from a space ‘not knowing’ and firmly believes the coachee has all the solutions.

Author may be right in pointing out many coaches struggle to find clients. But the reason lies elsewhere. Dr Marshall Goldsmith, during his keynote address at Dubai in November 2014, made this point. ‘Coaching practice and coaching business are two different things. Even if you are great coach, if you are not managing the business well, you will never be a successful.’

If you want sales & marketing help, pls hire an expert/consultant. Don’t hire a sales & marketing coach. For a Sales & Marketing coach will still park aside all his knowledge & experience to find out what is in you, from a humble, pure, curious, not knowing space.

And coaching at that level is blissful, for the client (also coach). That is Coaching from a state of Being!


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