It is never too late to be what you might have been : George Eliot

If you missed this article & the quote above it, check out yesterday’s ET Panache. It is never too late to start living #LifePurpose.

I started my career as a banker. ‘A blade company’ as they say in Kerala. It took 21 yrs to step out of corporate world to try to live my purpose. Looking back, after 5 yrs in new avatar, I am sure I am (may be only) closer to my life purpose than before.

The sooner we start thinking on these lines, the better. We don’t need to leave what we are doing now, including a corporate role, to live our life purpose.

Follow your bliss and the Universe will open doors for you where there were only walls : Joseph Campbell

Inspiring to see ET Panache back up post with some examples

  • Harsha Bhogle, B-school to commentator (now out of favor, thanks to a film superstar & a cricket-superstar? The cricket superstar’s experience at his franchise is another story)
  • Amish Tripathi , also Chetan Bharat, Ravi Subramaniam : BSchool to Banker to author (now you know why I still aspire to become an author, though they are not very popular among real authors
  • Harrison Ford : carpentry’s loss is Hollywood’s gain!
  • Others

Can I be right & rich? Yesterday some one asked me: ‘one of my seniors said you can’t be right & rich. I am very confused & a bit depressed. What are your thoughts?’

My question to you, dear reader. What are your thoughts? Can you be right & rich?

Let’s not allow someone else’s limiting beliefs & biases influence us, interfere with our dreams, life purpose. If you are right, and then rich, that is the real wealth, abundance.

As my Master says, ‘Money comes & goes. Morality comes & grows

How do you identify your #LifePurpose? At Regal Unlimited, we work a lot with our clients on finding meaning and connecting with the same, for the client. Through coaching, mentoring, counseling/healing.

One of our popular tools to identify & manifest life purpose is #RegalAt60

Let’s Choose Bliss

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