A couple of days back, I got a message on Whatsapp. It was very different from all the usual forwards…

It reminded me I was about to reach the halfway mark of this year, 2015! I did not check the mathematical validity of the message. That was not the point… New Year was just the other day.

New Year was just the other day. And, I had decided to #ChooseBliss for 2015. I decided to shift gears at work & manifest abundance. I had thought of few other things too…

Looking back, glad to note I am doing well on most of stuff. At the current pace, 2015 could be a great year. Time is flying though… Very soon, 2016 will be closer than we thought!

How is 2015 treating you?How are you feeling?!

A good time for a mid-year review & work on the dreams!

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