Good Morning ! Hope you had a great sleep last night & fresh for a beautiful day ahead….

Sharing something simple & very basic. Some of you may feel it is a bit too simple, or silly ????

I am of firm opinion things are always simple, we tend to complicate it!

Also, solutions to most complicated ‘problems/opportunities/situations’ (#POS, I use in my Coaching situations, as these are our own perceptions)

The key point is if I am able to get a 6-7 hours of good sleep, I have “arrived” in life. If I am not able to, the reason could be personal, professional, community, family, ambiance (home/bedroom), health (abused body/not eating right & well, ill, allergic, stressful, etc).

A “simple” yardstick if I am on track with my life (#holistically”) is, check if I am able to get good sleep, night after night. The solution to this is within my hands. Take the initiative & responsibility, and fix it, immediately.

The author has listed out ‘seven habits that will help to get a better night’s sleep and boost productivity during the day.’ My favourite is the 7th.:
7. Write down the three best things about your day–and three things you plan to tackle tomorrow. (or variants thereof, I must add!)

Great leaders did that. You are already ‘great’. But to shift from #Great to GOOD this may help more. Maintaining a diary is a healthy habit and very therapeutic. Try it out.

Have a fantastic day !
To read the post , 7 Sleep Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs |

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