We have seen recent reports about the relevance of introvert leaders in organizations. That gave me a lot of joy, being a proud introvert. I am now trying to match the same ‘

I am now trying to match the same ‘pride‘ to my boring personality/disposition.

A recent post in Business Insider painted Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai as ‘a boring person’! Incidentally, that is also cited as the reason for his success. And, all comparisons end there, obviously!!

What the article highlight is he is ‘a predictable guy’! That prompted me to post this. It is key to be predictable in all our roles. At work, home & community. Often it is our unpredictability that impacts others negatively, and ourselves in turn. (‘Afterall, we all are connected, at a high level’!)

I can be predictable at a high level only if I am authentic, vulnerable (sorry, two of my fav terms and aspirational. I am unpredictable, with not-so-subtle mood swings!)

It pays not to be charismatic (aka narcissistic)

The article also mentions he is ‘best-for-the-company-man’. That may not be the best. It would be better to go beyond company too, at the Universe level. Brands such as google are best placed to do it. ‘Don’t be evil’ used to be the corporate motto of google/gmail! Thus demonstrate ‘I to We to He‘ in action?!

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