To grow PR firm, he consulted a ‘bug’ guy – not a ‘big’ guy, as we often reach out to guys who we think are ‘big’ and successful. But instead opted for a guy from a totally different line of business, managing cockroach menace!
Silver Fox was a platform used to reach out to the mentor. Useful reminder to look for networking opportunities.
The client was right not to only identify & reach out to a mentor, he felt was appropriate, but also be aware, ‘customer service’ was the key, irrespective of the line of business. This is something most businesses miss out, primary focus on customer service.
They met every Wednesday thereafter. That is discipline from the client, and basis to a mutually beneficial intervention. Weekly would seem a bit too frequent, but then the client decides, always.
The connection established through the chemistry session is another important element of the relationship. Else it becomes a marriage of convenience and both parties just endure, reluctant to call off. Thus no desired outcome for the client.
The list is crisp and well summarized.

  • Clear expectations should be identified with clarity for the benefit of the client & process.
  • Mutual Respect and Reciprocity are the takeaways for every mentor from the intervention.
  • Shared values & interests also make the process more meaningful.

Lastly, this whole discussion makes more sense in a Coachingscenario, not in a mentoring session.
4 Ingredients for Successful Mentoring Relationships |

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