The idea of taking time from a busy work schedule for executive coaching sessions seems to be an extravagance and only the recipe for a nightmare of backlogged tasks to get done. Also, you often have the feeling that it is superfluous as you have the expertise for the job. After all, consecutive positions in a successful career have led you to the position, and you have gathered the competence needed as you progressed in your job. However, in the days of ever-changing global work environments, it pays to step back and upgrade your skills in the context of the specific challenges you are facing. This is where Executive Coaching steps in. Regal Unlimited has offered one-on-one executive coaching programs to reputed organizations in India in cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, etc., and also to aspiring executives overseas.

There are several reasons why investing time in the Executive Coaching Program is beneficial; we list eleven of them here:

1. Customized for the Coachee – The coaching process in some of the executive coaching programs of Bengaluru and Mumbai assigned a coach to the executive undergoing the Coaching. An initial session is devoted to the coach and client understanding each other. This ensures that the coaching process is tailored to the client’s requirements and is therefore much more useful than online courses that are more generic in the structure where the course contents may not be suitable for the client’s job demands.

2. Gives the big picture – In a demanding job of an executive, the day is often filled with daily tasks that have to be completed with strict deadlines. These tasks organically take over your time and reduce the time allocated to think about long-term strategies and plans. The coaching sessions create time in the daily schedule to step back and see the big picture enabling you to develop strategies by considering more parameters into the planning.

3. Provides fresh perspective – Continuous interaction with the same people within the organization progressively makes your perspectives subjective. Interaction with the executive coach during the coaching sessions allows developing a more balanced view by introducing an objective component.

4. Coaching goes beyond softs skills – It challenges the biases, shapes the beliefs, evokes self-awareness, improves presence – a must need for executives. – Undergoing Coaching enables you to sharpen your soft skills, especially in the team’s context at hand. Skills like conflict resolution take on different forms in the context of other teams and people. The experience of resolving such issues with guidance from an executive coach is invaluable.

5. Improves employee engagement – An essential aspect of executives’ work is to engage employees productively. The Executive Coaching helps in: 

        • understanding intent of employees, 
        • improving employee engagement, 
        • defining goals and objectives for employees, and
        • creating a routine for constructive feedback.

These abilities go a long way to improve the workforce. The team and the employees are an asset for an Executive. If they are constructively engaged, then organizations can catalyze their performance.

6. Supplements Management Strategies – Good planning is the key to the success of any business—the program aids in improving your management strategies by training you to plan for the short-term and long term. Techniques to prioritize and delegate effectively are also taught to groom you into an effective executive. We at Regal Unlimited have groomed executives from India and Overseas.

7. Upgrades Leadership skills – The Coaching applies leadership theory to enable you to take concrete steps to upgrade your leadership skills: 

        • Fostering desirable qualities of creativity, assertiveness, decisiveness, accepting responsibility, perseverance, self-confidence, and trustworthiness.
        • Training to identify situations and be effective administrators taking into consideration the maturity of group members
        • Guidance on building great teams by creating an environment that encourages group members’ participation and contribution.

The Executive Coaches at Regal Unlimited have over two decades of corporate experience in senior leadership positions. Being executives themself, they understand the dilemmas of leadership and the pangs of scaling the businesses. We know precisely where the shoe pinches, and that makes the executive coaching from Regal Unlimited highly desirable for aspiring executives. 

8. Agile leadership training – Agility at work has become essential in the current-day scenarios of fast-paced business evolution. Training is given for fast learning, making better decisions, and taking strategic initiatives to achieve the desired impact in complex situations arising in a short time.

9. Improves critical thinking – Critical thinking is essential as it promotes creativity, improves presentations, and helps self-reflection. All these qualities are crucial to build a good business organization, and the coaching sessions pay particular emphasis to develop your critical thinking.

10. Results are seen during the coaching sessions – The executive coaching programs offered by Regal Unlimited are designed with well-identified goals and deliver specific, measurable results. Therefore, Coaching can be rewarding as it delivers results on the fly, even during the process, apart from the long-term benefits from the techniques learned.

11. Work-life integration – Sometimes executives achieve lopsided success in life; due to focussing on some areas of life while neglecting others. Failing to prioritize overall wellbeing leads to professional fatigue, dysfunctional relationships, loss of motivation, etc., and therefore a coach is needed to bring back balance. Life coaching provides essential support for work-life integration, preventing burnout, and mend relationships by addressing issues beyond just work-life balance.

Executive Coaching transforms you into a leader with a vision from an efficient executive who fulfills a set of functions needed by an organization. Being a visionary leader gives you a greater sense of fulfillment and achievement. Many of the skills you learn from the coach are applicable across organizations. Therefore the Coaching can also boost your career by giving you a quantum leap in the potential to manage organizational challenges with confidence in any organization. 

Regal Unlimited offers Executive Coaching across industries and verticals. Over the last eight years, we have coached a wide range of executives, including CEO, CFO, COOs, mid-level professionals, successors to family-owned businesses, entrepreneurs, and even leading artists from the performing and visual arts arena. We have successfully conducted executive coaching programs in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Chennai. Owing to the Global Pandemic, we have taken the REGAL Flight to overseas as well through online mode.

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