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ICF Coach Training Programs at Bengaluru


  • Session 2: Saturday 8th Feb & Sunday 9th Feb

  • Session 3: Saturday 4th April & Sunday 5th April

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  • Session 1: April 18th & 19th (Saturday & Sunday)

  • Session 2: June 13th & 14th (Saturday & Sunday)

  • Session 3:August 8th & 9th (Saturday & Sunday)

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ICF Coach Training Programs at Chennai


  • Session 1: January 25th & 26th (Saturday & Sunday)
  • Session 2: March 28th & 29th (Saturday & Sunday)
  • Session 3: May 23rd and 24th (Saturday & Sunday)

Regal Coach Program

New batch, online/live, starts in January 2020

Coach Training for corporate leaders, Tech/HR/L&D professionals & coaches

Coaching is about ‘maximizing potential, personal and professional’. – It is different from training, consulting, guiding, mentoring, delegating, supporting and therapy. 

ICF Coaches Monthly Meetup @ Bengaluru

Saturday: 11th Jan 2020
Venue: Bengaluru Internatioal Centre (BIC)
No. 7, 4th Main Rd Bengaluru
Coaching is for leaders. It helps the coachee/leader to work with a coach to set goals, understand underlying biases, beliefs, values, etc., and work towards manifesting the goals.

Test Your Leadership Effectiveness with this Quiz

 There are various leadership styles from Charismatic, Transactional, Laissez -faire to Hybrid, and everyone has their own.

The more important thing is your style being effective and creating an impact.

Challenge yourself with this quiz and find out how effective is your leadership style?


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