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Global Online ICF Coach Training Programs


We are excited to announce our next batch for Online ICF Certification. We have a weekend batch for ICF Coach training (online) starting on 30th Oct, Sat. We are also having a Weekday batch starting on 10th November, every Wednesday. Tread on this journey and be a part of this exclusive community of professional Coaches.

Leader as Coach- Regal Coach
Certification program

Coach training for practicing/ aspiring corporate leaders, HR and L&D professionals, business owners. A new cohort is starting on 25th July, Sunday through online mode. Become a leader you wished you had.

Ongoing Weekend ICF Coach Training Programs


Have successfully trained/mentored 200+ coaches in the last 6 years across the globe. Currently we have a batch of enthusiastic learners who have taken the courageous step to #learn2coach the #iCFway. The batch started on 17th Oct.

ICF Coaches Monthly Meetup @ Bengaluru

Coming Soon

Coaching is for leaders. It helps the coachee/leader to work with a coach to set goals, understand underlying biases, beliefs, values, etc., and work towards manifesting the goals.

Test Your Leadership Effectiveness with this Quiz

There are various leadership styles from Charismatic, Transactional, Laissez -faire to Hybrid, and everyone has their own.

The more important thing is your style being effective and creating an impact.

Challenge yourself with this quiz and find out how effective is your leadership style?


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