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  • Coaching is about maximizing potential, personal and professional. It is different from training, consulting, guiding, mentoring, delegating, supporting.
  • Coaching is a process, but also much more than that.
  • Coaching can help the coachee/client/employee to move from the current state to a more resourceful state, in the most empowering way.
  • Coaching can help create magic in relationships, personal and professional.

The future of work demands a leader continues to learn, unlearn, re-learn. One of them being new skills.



Coaching is for leaders. Coaching is for development, to make us more effective at work, in life. Incorporating coaching as a leadership skill can have a positive impact on us, the team and other stakeholders.

The upcoming RCC program schedule: Starting on May 18, 2019. From 9 AM to 11 AM (India Time). Two hours over 9 Saturdays.

Regal Coach Certification (#RCC) is a unique coach training & mentoring program for leaders:

  • an introductory, foundation program for leaders, at personal & professional, all levels
  • to introduce coaching and mentoring, pure and classical, based on ICF & EMCC coaching competencies – learn to coach the #iCFway
  • for corporate leaders, across all functions, including HR/L&D. Entrepreneurs, consultants, and other professionals. Also, coaches without credentials, aspiring coaches
  • the program is unaccredited, for the flexibility and depth, as per client’s needs (altMBA inspired)
  • online/virtual, live over zoom.us
  • every Saturday, 9 AM to 11 AM, for nine weeks.

ICF Coach Training at Chennai


#DYKChennai, among the most visited Indian cities by foreign tourists, is also “India’s health capital”. Integral Coach Factory (ICF), manufacturer of coaches, is an integral part of Chennai. (Wiki)

It was a natural choice for us to launch our the best in the category, coach training program for International Coach Federation (ICFHQ) credentials, ACC, PCC at #Chennai.

Coach training at Regal Unlimited is about physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health & wellness. Thus coaching is about a shift, movement (‘coach’). Coaching a journey within for the coachee/client.

Bengaluru Launch – ICF Coach Training


The garden city, the start-up hub, tech capital and coaches’ destination… Bengaluru’s leadership and coaching quotient is being re-defined, yet again.

For, ‘Coaching is for Leaders’!

Bengaluru launch of the best-in-category coach training is brought to you by Regal Unlimited GA LLP, a boutique firm into executive coaching, leadership development, coach training/mentoring and healing.

Mega Launch:

Month 1: January 18th to 20th, 2019

Month 2: March 22nd to 24th, 2019

For: Aspiring Coaches, Corporate Leaders, HR/L&D Professionals, Change Agents, Consultants, Trainers, Freelancers, Counsellors and Healers. Remember, if you are not a trained, certified, credentialed and experienced coach, you may not be coaching the right way.