Brief Summary of the Webinar

Manoj Keshav is a trainer, NLP Expert and a Professional coach who has completed his ICF ACC Credential with Regal Unlimited and is not currently pursuing ICF PCC In this Regal MuseArt he shared insights from his new book “The miracle of Acceptance” He shares the journey of the book, the inspiration, the origin and how he shaped up this book from his journal! The book itself holds at its kernel various stories and conceptual frameworks related to Acceptance! He magnificently decodes Acceptance as a way to enhance meaningful relationships, to gain productivity and to shape a well balanced & harmonious life.

Publish Date: 31/05/2023

Topics covered in the webinar

  • Introduction
  • How it all started
  • Sigmund Freud’s Defense Mechanisms
  • Avoidance – the root Cause
  • Avoid the Avoid
  • From Avoidance to Acceptance
  • How I wrote this book
  • Acceptance as a Buddhist Philosophy
  • What is Acceptance
  • Acceptance of Self
  • Fighting the inner Critic
  • What you resist, persists
  • Tools for Acceptance
  • Change work with Acceptance
  • As a Coach how do you nudge your clients to Accept
  • Accepting Rejection as a coach
  • Life is a Miracle
  • Question and Answer

As a Coach, Manoj brings together ideas and tools from various disciplines to move inward and start accepting the inner self Let’s deep dive with him to get a glimpse of this book: You can purchase the book from here:

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