Regal MuseArt: Coaching for Agility by Ravi Kumar

Topics covered in the webinar

  • What is an Agile Mindset?
  • What is the role of an Agile coach?
  • What are the challenges faced by Agile Coaches?
  • What traits are assets for Agile coaches?
  • What doesn’t work in Agile coaching?
  • What is the future of Agile coaching?
  • How will the role of an Agile coach evolve to stay relevant?

Brief Summary of the Webinar

Regal MuseArt is an alumni event by Regal Unlimited curated especially for the coach community. This event is for continued learning, support, and deep work.

This edition of MuseArt is a talk by Agile Coach Ravi Kumar on ‘Coaching for Agility.’ A seasoned Agile coach & DevOps coach, Ravi Kumar was the lead consultant for Jio, J.P. Morgan, Target, etc. He is currently the principal consultant for Xnsio.

Publish Date: 25/01/2023

Agility isn’t merely a framework. Agile is a philosophy that requires a specific mindset and skillset that aspiring and practising Agile coaches and Agile professionals must be aware of to excel at their role. Ravi Kumar covers the following pertinent topics regarding Agile.

View the slides of the presentation from here:…

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