Thanks to FM radio channels, a lot of sound bites on ‘No Tobacco Day’.

India is #2 in tobacco consumption. We can do away with that distinction, for sure.

Do you smoke, drink? What are your personal addictions? How addicted are you, on a scale of 1–10?

Here is an extract from a #CoachingConversation on addiction:

  • I don’t smoke, I don’t drink. But i have several addictions, known & unknown!
  • My weakness for good, healthy & tasty food, is that an addiction?
  • Some of my addictions are at not at mere physical level. They are at mental, emotional and spiritual levels. And till now, I was not aware of it.

Indeed, addictions impact us at multiple levels…

What do you feel about your addiction(S)?

What do you want to do about them? At least one of the addictions?!

  • One big addiction is for gadgets. Let me overcome it. (changed Airtel plan for a lower tariff) One de-addiction for today!

Miles to go…

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