The current global pandemic situation has created an inconceivable crisis with far-reaching effects. While health and prevention of the spread of virus and saving lives have been the primary focus, the quality of life of people has taken an unprecedented hit, and there is a serious concern for their wellbeing. Now, more than ever, there is a need for human-centered leadership, and coaching provides the much-needed solution as it empowers one to adapt to disruptive changes quickly. It helps to improve communication, build/maintain relationships and create positivity, thus proving to be a boon in these testing times. Therefore, it is not surprising that the human resource departments are focusing on coaches to build their ‘people’ to be effective in these changing times. 

Also, it is well known that individuals can benefit greatly from external intervention to reinvent themselves and work their way out of stressful situations. Thus the value of coaching is being recognized both by organizations and individuals, leading to an increased need for certified and well-trained life and leadership coaches who can help industries continue to grow in these adverse and challenging times. Apart from the above reasons for the increase in demand for coaches, the other reasons for the coaching profession to trend are:

1. Changing the global perception –  Coaching is no longer considered a luxury available only for senior leaders; instead, it is perceived as an essential process that people should undertake to be successful. Several successful people vouch for the benefits of electing to get help from a coach to overcome difficult phases in career and life. These positive, encouraging examples have made people appreciate the value of coaching and made them willing to explore coaching as a solution to fix repeated problems being faced by them.

2. Several coaching areas – Coaching has evolved and matured into a profession with many facets—several niche sectors, such as executive coaching, leadership coaching, business coaching, wellness coaching, relationship coaching, financial coaching, and others. Thus, the coaching profession offers a chance to apply one’s expertise in a fulfilling way to impact others and help them succeed. Successful people are increasingly choosing to share their experience through the streamlined process of coaching to help others.

3. Mandatory for leadership development – There has been a trend of organizations making coaching mandatory for senior leadership in large companies/businesses. Coaching is deemed essential for a person as they take up more responsibilities and face more challenges. Inspired by the success of this approach, smaller organizations and individuals are also looking to avail the benefits of coaching. As a result, coaching is no longer considered optional but is instead viewed as an essential step towards successfully reaching the organization’s goals.

4. Emergence of team and group coaching – Coaching in sports teams is well known; the advantages are tremendous and well understood. There is a new trend of coaches working with groups of people in organizations to enable them to perform optimally as a team; this allows one to reap the benefits of a well-developed area of coaching by applying it in a different environment.

Organizations are keen to introduce internal coaching – As mentioned at the start of the article, often specialized expertise is appreciated by coaches. This is because most businesses have a specific domain of operation, and sufficient experience in the area is entailed for a coach to be effective. Increasingly companies are looking to create an internal team of certified coaches who can specialize in the disciplines related to the company’s focus so that the coaches are attuned to the organization’s requirements and can customize their service to the needs of the company/business. However, it is often acknowledged that it is ideal to avail the expertise of an external coach who can bring a fresh perspective for a better impact.

If you are planning on a career in coaching and undertaking a certification, the likelihood that you will choose ICF Coaching certification is very high as it is the most popular and well-recognized certification in coaching. ICF is the Gold Standard in Coaching with a credible market standing across the globe. While the certificate will serve the usual goal of formal training in the coaching domain, you will be surprised to realize that your choice will make your life better in ways that you did not anticipate!

Doing the ICF certification is going to impact your life for the better by:

  1. Giving a new perspective – interacting with experts in the field who have successfully established themselves as coaches
  2. Providing stress relief – Uncertainty about the future gets minimised (professional and personal)
  3. Enhancing your creativity – ability to think out of the box, as they say; there are no boxes at all.
  4. Boosting your Confidence – gives a positive outlook to life and inches you towards breakthroughs.
  5. Enriching your coaching journey – adds many new dimensions to the coaching journey as it broadens your network, builds on the competencies and prepares you for the transition. At Regal Unlimited we call it, balancing the Passion and Profession of Coaching.

With the widespread need for coaching, the need to find well-qualified coaches with credentials to function well in demanding environments arises. ICF has considered these requirements and pioneered a framework for certifying coaches and has become the most recognized coaching certification.

ICF is globally recognized for being a gold standard in coaching, and its credentials are valid globally, making it the most trending coach training certification for professional coaches. Being a certified professional coach distinguishes one from the others and gives an advantage and credibility. Read up more about the benefits of ICF-approved Coach Training and Certification.

Regal Unlimited offers ICF-certified coach training, a leading coaching and mentoring  firm that has done extensive Coach Certification programs in the major cities of India like Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Delhi, Chennai, to name a few. Owing to the global pandemic ICF course is now offered Online with global participation. The course provides an opportunity to learn from some of the best coaches in India with commendable experience in coaching. Doing the certification greatly improves one’s credibility as a coach of international quality. 

If you are thinking of a profession in coaching, now is the right time! The coaching industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors globally, with an estimated market size expected to reach USD 20 billion by 2022. Apart from being financially viable, it is also a very fulfilling profession as you will help others in these testing times.


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