Building the Phoenix Mindset by Prof Paddy Padmanabhan

Topics covered in the webinar

  • Introduction: Paddy Padmanabhan
  • What is Phoenix Mindset
  • Why CEOs need Phoenix Mindset
  • How leaders disrupt their own organizations using Phoenix Mindset
  • Q&A with Paddy Padmanabhan
  • How Coaching can pivot the mindset of CEOs
  • How leaders are made using Coaching

Brief Summary of the Webinar

Regal Unlimited invited Prof Paddy Padmanabhan, a distinguished INSEAD Professor and co-author of the book, “The Phoenix Encounter Method” for an interactive webinar on decoding the nuances of the phoenix mindset.

The topic gains extreme relevance and significance in these unprecedented times where the relentless waves of CHANGE are testing organizational leadership. 

From the Global recession to the Great Resignation & other variants thereof, the organizational ecosystem is being negatively disrupted. The phoenix mindset has ‘urgency of doing’ at the heart of its framework.

It is no surprise that legacy firms are equally vulnerable to becoming obsolete, being outrun by competitors, and being disrupted by nimble startups from seemingly unrelated industries, thanks to the amorphous industrial boundaries. 

Publish Date: 05/11/2020

In such times, the Phoenix Encounter Method becomes an eye-opener (a tool of resurrection). In the webinar, Paddy delves at length on the framework, its use cases, its procedures and its application to various organizations.

The basic premise is concerned with asking powerful questions (objective confrontation and provocation) to the senior leaders, and one such question which Paddy mentioned was, “Can you list out three things which you can do to completely destroy your OWN business? (resources being abundant)” Kill your own business before the competitor does it because “Somewhere, someone is working on a product that can make your product obsolete.”

Paddy then shared a few tips on developing a phoenix mindset. He sprinkled the session by giving amusing real-life examples of organizations and leaders who have successfully transitioned and adopted the ‘Phoenix Mindset’, truly they have gone through “a veritable firestorm of change to be re-born.”