The previous post was inspired by HBR Blog post, ‘coaching-physicians-to-become-leaders

Just came across a similar inspiring article on the evolution of coaching (much more than mere cosmetic ‘makeover’!). From a mere “potential embarrassment to ‘now a badge worn proudly by people either in or heading for senior roles (high-flier).” Can’t agree more.

Learning and Talent Development Survey 2013, by Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development says: “Coaching and in-house development remain the most effective talent management activities”. But many organisations are still stuck on simple training and development and employee stock options. Coaching can be far more effective.
Coaching can help business leaders, across industries/services.

Are you a high-flier ? If yes, have you got your COACH ? (executive/leadership/life)

And source . We want coaching, say High-fliers : F T

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