“Always keep a bottle of water with you….’ reminded my mentor in my healing certification journey. She was recommending it in our healing conversations. She was reminding us, the batch, how critical it was to remain hydrated. The brain needs water continuously during an intense healing conversation.

I have taken that into all my conversations, intense or otherwise. Healing, coaching, mentoring or even a simple, not-so-intense ‘coffee-table’ conversation.

It helps the conversation to move forward in a flow, like a river. (River, a popular metaphor). It is a healthy, positive distraction during a deep conversation. It helps the coachee to reflect, refresh and move ahead towards the goal of the session, overall coaching engagement. Coachee gets to experience the power of pause, during the flow.

Pause in the conversations are the most powerful moments for the coachee, just as the empty space in a calendar or in music.

Many of my coachees, clients, and coach-mentees have adopted the best practice too. It helps to stay hydrated.

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