We all know humans are seekers with an endless urge to learn and explore the beyond. We are receptive and adaptive by nature.

Jean Piaget, a Swiss psychologist, in a theory, mentions that intellectual development is derived from two cognitive processes working reciprocally. The first, which he called Assimilation, incorporates new information into an already existing cognitive structure. The second, whom he called Accommodation, forms a new cognitive structure into which new information can be incorporated for a dynamic equilibrium.

Life Coach Training Bengaluru

As we grow older, however, we find ourselves unable to adapt and cope with new-age challenges in our dynamic ecosystem. There is an imbalance in the Assimilation and Accommodation mentioned above, and the resulting “failure” makes us undermine our capabilities, and we confuse them as disabilities.

At this point, our vulnerable selves should reach out, seek help to bring back the best in us. Regal Unlimited has designed Life Coaching and Healing sessions for this very purpose. Our Life Coaching Courses are offered in Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata.


 Sometimes, we cannot surmount situations, like a plateau in our career, a nagging dissatisfaction, failing relationships, a lack of fulfillment, a project that repeatedly hits roadblocks, and the way out seems challenging to find. Traditional solutions are no longer valid for the same problems.

Understanding the need for a Life Coach is the very first step to needing one

Determining the need for the kind of help you seek will depend if you are facing any of the following symptoms in your personal, family, or work life, and you have the desire to work on them.

    • Issues of depression and anxiety
    • Facing New Challenges amidst internal fear and turbulence
    • Feel a Victim of pride and prejudice, Condescension and Arrogance
    • Disoriented and de-motivated to de-clutter your surroundings
    • Confused priorities make you run helter-skelter
    • Tolerance issues and irritation
    • Unannounced Physical health issues like fatigue, body ache 
    • Procrastination
    • Constantly seeking Motivation and Objectivity of actions
    • Work and personal life integration

“Even a broken heart can kill you. There is an undeniable mind and body connection.” – Bryant McGill.

You could do a S.W.O.T. analysis for self-assessment

Every ending is a new beginning. And for a fresh perspective, a little bit of introspection is needed. 

    • IQ, EQ, and personality self-tests are available on many platforms that can help you assess your current aptitude in your given situation. These test scores will help you understand your current level and plan ways to improvise. 
    • Look beyond the milestones that you have currently set. They may be giving you wrong indicators of how far you have come. This will help you set your standards correctly.
    • Identify the need with the help of the above set levels. This will help you determine what you need life coaching for.

Find success stories in real life of that level, and you will get a sense that what you seek can happen with you.

Find a Life Coach  

A Life Coach is an accountability partner who takes you through your journey. They trigger your thinking process in the right spotlight, unlock your limitless potential, and rediscover yourself. 

You should find a professional with Credentials, a good listener, a compassionate Healer, a modest Mentor, and a great Anchor at a personal level and visionary for your developmental process.

Fact Check 

    • Do you need to consult a Psychiatrist first? Life coaching is not a substitute for diagnosed psychiatric/psychological conditions that require medical advice.
    • Choose a life coach wisely, someone who can work on your challenges aligned to your strengths. 
    • Are they government recognized/of notable repute/licensed to work in the field? Have the credentials verified for safety and security?
    • Is the Coach an expert in his field? What are their ratings? Do not trust marketing gimmicks. Do a proper reference validation.

What does a Life coach at Regal Unlimited do? 

A Life Coach, who has undergone training with Regal Unlimited, Bengaluru, is equipped to offer personalized support to individuals from all walks of life. Leaders, managers, and executives can look for a Coach with an Executive Life Coach Certification.

Regal Unlimited Coaches are ICF credentialed. The International Coaching Federation is a Globally acclaimed-gold standard in coaching. Our ICF coaches, Subash and Anjana, are Certified Healers and take good care of every detail you say and contribute to your betterment. They train your mind, body, and soul to bring about spontaneous emotional wellbeing and effectuate the necessary changes in you for holistic growth as an individual.

Every Life Coach at Regal Unlimited has his plan and process, and they tweak it to your specified needs. But in a broader perspective, they follow the following pattern.

    • Understands and clarifies your objectives for you
    • Consolidates your behavior, beliefs, and habits
    • Helps become free of inhibitions and enable consciousness
    • Heals and enlightens alongside the Life Coaching Course 
    • Enables identification of self-empowering tools
    • Cheerleads you through milestones towards the desired outcome

To undertake Life Coaching with an ICF-certified Coach at Regal Unlimited is a life-changing experience. It is an occasion when one has proactively taken control of life and committed to change. Take your time to select a coach and let your instincts guide you to find the right person who helps enable you to make a smooth transition to a better life.

 Wishing you all the very best in Life. Take care.