‘Coaching is the future of Leadership’.

#IQ2EQ2SQ is no longer a choice.

HR professionals faced the challenge of a lifetime managing the situation arising out of the covid-crisis. Remote working, wellness, managing cost, and not taking eyes off the future. You rose to the occasion. 🙏

A second wave of the pandemic, hybrid working, the future of work, changing customer preferences, etc., demand a new leadership from the HR fraternity too. You truly manage ‘human resources’; people are at the core of all businesses.

Add coaching to your leadership, and life. #learn2coach with

  1. Subash CV, MCC (ICF), SP (EMCC), INSEAD alum and
  2. Madhu Kanna, PCC (ICF), Marshal Goldsmith SCC, Belbin, Masters in Marketing.

#RegalUnlimited – The Coaching School for the World

#coach2lead with Regal Unlimited


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