‘Everyone needs a coach’, say Eric Schmidt to Bill Gates. But they don’t say ‘every one is a coach’!!

 The selection of the coach is very important. Whether it is done by organization for the executive/leader, or by the coachee directly.

 We don’t take a chance with a doctor, do we? Similarly, how can we hire a coach without making sure the coach is best suited for the client (and vice versa, client being coachable for the coach. All are coachable. But not always by “any” coach.)

 A certified, from a reputed institution such as ICF or EMCC or ICA, would reduce the risk of ‘failure’. These institutions train coaches on the science of coaching. To that extend, if coach sticks to the process, less probability of taking coachee ‘down’. At best, the coachee may maintain status quo.

 Objective of coaching is to take the coachee from the current state to a more resourceful state.

 Coaching is a creative partnership with client, focusing on designing and implementing specific, meaningful changes in client’s personal and/or professional life. (my fav definition)



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