Came across this article on @Entrepreneur ‘Put Your Experience to Work for Yourself and Others as a Life-Coach — Mentors with real-world knowledge to share can help others unlock their potential through one-on-one coaching sessions’.

Two thoughts:

  • Mentoring & coaching are two different things, totally different. Mentor is someone who has seen it, done it and hence comes from that space. More like a boss or a consultant or an uncle, who is idolised in the family? As such often not an adult-adult (TA)conversation (mentors may disagree). Mentors find it difficult to shake off their knowledge of organization, politics included. Mentees conveniently places the mentor on a pedestal, conscious or otherwise. Then how can it be adult-adult, at a holistic level?

‘Mentors with a real-world knowledge’ — real-world and knowledge: An oxymoron (at a deep level?)

Mentoring or coaching is not the question. It is about the mentor and mentee have clear understanding the goals, expectations, process, methodology, etc. (‘Agreement’ coaching competency)

  • Coaching is usually one-on-one, but is also done for a group/team. Group Coaching, Systemic Coaching (all types of coaching are driven by coaching process & hence systemic🙂 )

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  • ‘The true benefits of having a trusted guide are immeasurable, but our economy tends to measure results in terms of the money to be earned’. One of the things we struggle with coaching outcome is its ROI. It is so much beyond the monetary gains. But then to be fair to corporates & their leaders (business/HR), goals got to be SMART (also PURE & CLEAR, as Sir John Whitmore may add?)

It may be a a good idea not to have a restrictive goal. Be open to achieve more than the SMART parameters?

Be a trained, certified, ICF, credentialed and experienced coach… become a coach and then BE a Coach

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