“We are not human beings on a spiritual journey, we are spiritual beings on a human journey”

Before we delve deep into spiritual coaching and its necessity in today’s world, we should draw a parallel to the times we live. We live in an age where technology changes every day and where lives have become increasingly dependent on gadgets. In the process, human life has become mechanical. Gone are the days when social living seemed so seamless and emotions were well taken care of. But sadly, as much as we enjoy the fruits of technological innovations, our social and emotional structures are becoming narrower. To strike a balance and reconnect to our higher purpose, the role of a spiritual coach and spiritual life coaching becomes essential.

Spiritual Life Coaching: An Enigma

We have heard of life coaches, lifestyle coaches, motivational speakers, mentors, and so forth. So, what is spiritual coaching and who is a spiritual coach? How are they different from others and how do they help us? Well, one may ask, I have a life coach, and do I still need a spiritual coach? I am seeing a counselor to heal emotionally, do I still need a spiritual coach? I have a mentor at work who genuinely looks out for me, do I still need a spiritual coach?

This blog essentially attempts to answer all the above questions and more.

All of us are constantly trying to understand our purpose in life. Many of us probably live a lifetime in pursuit of the true meaning of our life’s purpose and the question has been buried under layers of apprehension, the rigours of routine, and we just go about our busy lives.  

But increasingly, we find people who genuinely want to connect with their inner selves and go about life with a higher purpose that transcends success in a career or materialistic gains.  This is where a spiritual coach can be of immense help. 

Who is a spiritual coach?

A spiritual life coach helps you to unravel your higher purpose in life and helps you discover who you truly are. 

Spiritual life coaches assist you to delve deeper into your inner self and take ownership of your life in true alignment with the laws of the universe. Thus helping you attain immense joy that transcends your physical being and creates a life that is in perfect synchrony with your life’s purpose. 

They may also integrate psychological techniques into their coaching that help you identify your emotional/energy blocks, help release them and find true happiness, by being mindful of your physical, social and emotional well-being (not necessarily trained psychologists). This realization will help you find true purpose and will assist you in realizing your highest potential.

A spiritual coach adapts a holistic approach to help you navigate through your life. They guide you to set and achieve your goals by helping you identify and lift any roadblocks that prevent you from achieving your full potential. They treat the root cause/causes that limit you from achieving your life’s purpose and ensure that you continue on that path in a sustainable and enjoyable way.

What is spiritual life coaching?

Spiritual life coaching helps you take responsibility for your life. They help one to focus on the positive and cross over your life’s hurdles with much ease. Spiritual life coaching helps you to connect with your subconscious and makes your life complete. It opens us up to being mindful, thereby lifting the gates of negativity and realizing our fullest potential. Besides, it also helps us to discover our spiritual and energy blocks and figure out why we are not where we want to be. Once these blocks are unlocked, we are set on the path to achieving our life’s goals.

Spiritual life coaching delves deeper into the several layers of the sub-conscious mind and involves and adopts energy healing, and philosophical and psychological techniques that help individuals identify and overcome their self-limiting beliefs. 

What does a spiritual life coach do?

A spiritual life coach helps clients discover the true meaning of their existence and find answers that align with the client’s beliefs and values. There is an entire gamut of transformation a spiritual life coach can bring about. The following are but a few areas that a spiritual coach works on to help individuals realize their life’s purpose and reach their fullest potential. 

➤ Spiritual life coaches help one to lift, negative blockages that are self-limiting and get past them to achieve one’s goals. They help one make choices and arrive at decisions that are in complete alignment with what one truly aspires to be.

➤ They help one build an everlasting relationship with the laws of the cosmos that helps draw strength and purpose.

➤ They equip you with different tools and techniques which can create unshakeable faith in self and generate deeper inner tranquillity. 

➤ They help you build compassion and resilience and overcome any challenge that life has to throw at us.

➤ Spiritual life coaches help one build a lasting sense of empowerment and conviction which stem from self-realization and self-worth, truth, and compassion.

➤ Besides helping clients nullify negative thoughts and emotions, they also help them understand the true power of gratitude. Practising gratitude on a daily basis helps us attract positivity and align with the Universe so that what we truly desire or want, manifests.

➤ A spiritual life coach helps you rewire your thought process and use your unconscious thinking to your advantage.

➤ They help one to discover one’s true calling which echoes with one’s values and beliefs such as truth, love, and generosity.

Difference between a Life Coach and a Spiritual Coach

Life coaches have a different approach to dealing with their clients. Life coaches work on set professional & personal goals. They choose to coach a person beyond the physical aspects. They help an individual recognize their inner voice and equip them to strike harmony with the laws of the universe to achieve what they desire. 

While life coaches work towards self-development, spiritual coaches look to help clients be one with nature.

While life coaches help in giving a direction to lives, spiritual coaches help one to achieve a deeper purpose, wisdom and happiness in the entire prism of life.

In short, a spiritual coach helps you to learn to trust yourself and your intuition.

How will spiritual life coaching change your life?

There are many benefits to spiritual life coaching. It is a life-changing experience as it helps you connect with your deep inner-self and guides you to know your true purpose in life. Besides, it helps you to broaden your horizon of the world and perceive it in a new light. 

It helps you to become the creator of your own environment rather than merely responding to stimuli around you.  

It will help you be at peace even when you are surrounded by chaos. In short, you become the sole owner of your life from within and pave your path to realize your true happiness, in every sense of it. It assists you in the creation of a perpetual Zen state.

How to find a spiritual coach?

It is very important to find a coach who is on the same page as you. It is very important that he/she completely understands what you are truly seeking in life and guide you at every step so that you are able to connect with your inner self and perceive the changes in tandem with the laws of the Universe. The relationship between your spiritual coach and yourself is very special because you want to feel inspired, feel connected, and above all, trust him/her.

Regal Unlimited has an elite community of well-trained, qualified, and experienced professional coaches – the Best ICF coaches, and a supportive community of 300 + coaches excelling in Life Coaching & Spiritual Coaching. 

Top spiritual coaches in the world

The world has seen a massive drift in its socializing patterns and has probably forgotten to connect with its spiritual being. In recent times people have come to realize the importance of weaving spirituality into their lifestyles to strike a balance between self and the environment they are living in. In this context, a few individuals are striving to keep the embers of spirituality burning and helping individuals to derive a balance in their lives that is everlasting

Some spiritual coaches who have made a name for themselves are Bela Divine, Tanin Matin, Erica Carrico, Megan Claire Hatfield, Alyson Glick. You may choose to read/follow each of these fabulous coaches who can help you overcome your self-limiting beliefs.

How does one become a spiritual coach?

The coach has to be spiritual, in its true sense. It is not acquired, but already internal to the coach. Add a coaching framework to that, then the spiritual coach can truly serve the client.

Spiritual coaching has created a niche for itself in the coaching domain. While life coaches help individuals achieve their goals, spiritual coaches help individuals look inwards to connect with themselves at a deeper level.  They help you find the true purpose of your existence and sync with the laws of the universe. A spiritual coach can redesign your life of fulfilment, silence and calm.

So, if your interest lies in connecting people to their spiritual selves, spiritual coaching is for you. It always helps to have a recognized certification before you embark on your spiritual coaching journey. It kind of validates your chosen profession. ICF Certification provided by Regal Unlimited can be that Spiritual Coach Certification. 

There is a deeper fulfilment in helping people find their true purpose in life. So, what are you waiting for? If this is your passionate calling, you may choose to become a spiritual coach by enrolling yourself in the courses offered by ICF or the like, which are well recognized globally.

All coaching is about life, as ICF definition of coaching is about ‘maximizing potential, personal & potential’. Life coaching is also widely misunderstood with therapy, healing and other similar methodologies. All coaching is the same at the core. Provided the coach is professional – trained & certified (Regal Unlimited), credentialed and/or member of ICF, experienced & committed to continued learning. 

All coaching is transformational. Transactional coaching is not coaching at all. But then often the client is comfortable with minor improvements vis a vis total shifts. Professional coaching can be orbit-shifting if the client is open and willing. 

Every living being in this world is knowingly or unknowingly on a spiritual pilgrimage’, we are guided by this teaching by one of India’s greatest gurus. As such all coaching is spiritual too. Becoming a Coach is a spiritual journey too… want to become one? Connect with us at info@regalunlimited.com

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