After several posts on Coaching, from the perspective of the practice (art, science and lot more!), here is something on how the coachee (client) makes the whole difference.
Any coach, executive/life/transformational/spiritual/sports/etc, would give anything to get client like this:

  • focussed – not distracted at all
  • simple – though we tend to unnecessarily complicate stuff, thanks to the monkey-mind. Simplicity is closest to spirituality
  • clear on goals
  • passionate
  • hard-working – even though at the pinnacle of the career
  • humility, at its best
  • always learning – even though one of all-time greats

The end result of the coaching-intervention will be better than the expected outcome. Bliss Guaranteed.

Am I willing to be a Sachin-like Coachee ?

Sachin has always kept it simple, says John Wright – The Times of India

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