Brief Summary of the Webinar

Mohamed Nassar is an ICF Credentialed Business /Strategic Vision Coach (ICF PCC), Entrepreneur, Director & Co-Founder, E2E Excite Marketing, and author.

He shares inspiring real-life stories of people who kindled his ‘spark’ from his inspiring & heartwarming book – All It Takes Is A Spark

Publish Date: 25/04/2023

Topics covered in the webinar

  • Inspiring stories of personal & professional excellence
  • How successful ICF coaches can become successful entrepreneurs
  • Importance of an entrepreneurial mindset
  •  Proper branding for coachpreneurs
  •  How to retain what you read
  •  How to choose the right topic to write a book
  • Do people with sales background make better entrepreneurs?
  •  How to spark social consciousness in leaders?
  •  What can dampen the ‘spark’ for leaders and entrepreneurs4

The book is a compendium of stories on entrepreneurship, leadership and personal excellence! Purchase here:…

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