The heading may sound cliched… But then, lot of things in life are….!
Came across this article in Forbes India Magazine – Apollo Munich: Healthy profits from Unhealthy people.

How the insurance company went for a ‘different’ strategy :

  • Product Innovation
  • Going Retail Customer
  • Integrate health financing with health care management

Lot of similarities from what we try to do in Life/Executive Coaching space. Few random thoughts…

  • The ‘product’ or service by itself is innovative – a unique blend of art & science. Many are not fully aware of the immense possibility of pure Life/Executive Coaching. Yesterday, heard from couple of friends who their coaching experience was not ‘Enchanting’, as the some of the basic aspects of the science, viz., process, was not stuck to. That is fundamental to our practice. Start with the process.
  • Going Retail is an option for executive coaches, though group/team intervention is very powerful. Provided the team is able to embrace the opportunity to derive the maximum benefit.
  • That takes me to the most important part – prevention. Coaching, through a series of tools, models as part of the process, helps to uncover the root cause of the problem/opportunity. And, at the cost of repetition, we tend to complicate things in our lives. At the fundamental level, everything is simple. The first step in holistic health care management in coaching space, at physical, mental and beyond levels, is in deep awareness.

Also check advice from 98 yrs yound, Khushwant Singh: Time tested tips on how to stay healthy & live longer

be happy & healthy… you will need no health insurance at all !


Forbes India Magazine – Apollo Munich: Healthy profits from Unhealthy people

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