While there is a straight answer to ICF coaching certification, (There are 5 Steps) many aspiring coaches get confused, manipulated, and trapped in the certification quagmire!

Can you guess, what is the most frequent question we hear from aspiring coaches like you…

It is “How can I become a Coach?”

Hence in this blog, we will attempt to tell you “How NOT to become a Coach?”

These are the common pitfalls that an aspiring coach like you can be wary off and make an informed choice…

While the image gave a snapshot of the pitfalls, here is a more nuanced take on each of the pitfalls. Read below👇

Pitfalls to avoid while selecting a coach training institute

1) Is the Institution ICF Accredited

While this may sound very basic, but the reality is that many firms and coaches do not have ACTIVE Coaching Credential. A litmus test would be to search the Coach Trainer or the Institution on ICF Website or ask the coach for the Credentials (and whether they have renewed their credentials)

The focus here is on the word “Institution.” Recently ICF has been emphasizing that the Coach Training should be provided by a registered firm/institution not by individual coaches in their personal capacity!

Hence, while selecting the Coach Training Institute – check for Accreditation for Level 1 or 2 or 3

2) Do they offer Mentoring also?

As per ICF requirements, the learner coach has to get 60 hours of Training + 10 hours of Mentoring (towards ICF ACC Credential). Many Coaching Institute offer only the Training and then charge separately for Mentoring! 

Since they do not offer Mentoring, these institutions offer lower prices. Aspiring coaches fall for the lower prices only to discover later the additional hidden charges.

A good question to ask your Coach Trainer is – Do you offer Mentoring Support also? Is mentoring factored in the pricing you are quoting?

3) Who is your Trainer?

Identifying and talking to your trainer (and not the salesperson from the institution) is extremely important! You ought to know the background of the Trainer/Mentor and their Coaching and ICF Coaching Certification and Training experience.

At times, the Core Trainer for the program becomes a guest appearance. The accessibility to the trainer/mentor is critical for your success as a Coach. Also ensure that the Coach Training is LIVE, not the pre-recorded sessions where one-way interaction happens! After all, Real life Coaching is a conversation – not a pre-recorded session.

A good question to ask while selecting the Coach Training Institute is – How accessible is the core trainer? Are the sessions synchronous (meaning LIVE training) or the sessions are Pre-Recorded?

4) What is their Credentialing Rate?

ICF Coaching Certification & Coaching Credential are two different things. Certificate is issued by the training Institute, while Credentialing is given by ICF. The goal is to get ICF Credential (ACC, PCC or MCC badge) and not stop at mere Certification. 

The question arises, What is Credentialing rate?

Simplistically put, Credentialing Rate is how many coaches from the Institute (which you want to select) become ICF Credentialed Coaches. It is like the Success rate of the Coach Training Institute. If the need be; talk to a few of their trained coaches to get a feel of how the training and the entire experience is… Another soft indicator (if you are inclined to do research) is to search the LinkedIn and social media of the Coach Training Institute and see the recent coach that got the ICF Credential from them! 

A good question to ask the Coach Trainer is: What is the success rate of Coaches becoming ICF Credentialed? Can I talk to a recently Credentialed Coach to get a first-hand feel of what the coach-training process is like?

5) Last-Mile Community Support

Becoming a Coach is a Marathon – not a Sprint. 

It takes effort, practice, and last-mile support from the community to become a Coach! It takes an ecosystem to shape a good Coach. The community supports in coaching practice, nudging each other to complete the credentialing process, handholding in the last mile to apply for the ICF, assistance in preparing for the ICF Credentialing Exam and in many other ways. 

Community is an overlooked aspect in the journey of becoming a Coach.

The last mile of handholding is critical for a seamless experience. The journey doesn’t end with Training + Mentoring alone! 

A good question to ask is – What is the community support you offer as a Coach training institution? How do you help me in preparing for the ICF Credentialing Exam? Do you have frequent events for your own community of coaches?

Choose Wisely

Becoming a Coach is not a Sprint, it is a Marathon. Coaching is the blessed profession of touching and impacting lives, hence you deserve to learn from nothing less than the BEST

At Regal Unlimited, we take pride in nurturing a community of over 330 Coaches, all committed to the highest quality of Coaching. We have the industry-leading Success rate in Credentialing and we ensure that complete handholding is provided to the Learners.

With us, you are committing to a lifelong alliance (that goes beyond the ICF Coaching Certification)

We run cohorts to become ICF ACC or ICF PCC coaches every alternate month. Reach out to info@regalunlimited.com for more information. Or schedule a call with a Mentor so that we can chart the way forward, here.

Is an ICF coaching certification worth it? With the best ICF accredited programs in India, Yes it is

Financial Rol

This means you can recover your investment within a year of beginning your ICF coaching career, even if you take on just two clients. This is the benefit of getting an ICF coaching certification from the best ICF accredited program.

Prakash Thalya
Prakash Thalya
Coaching unlimited program was very useful, it has given an opportunity to connect with the fellow coaches, sharing the experiences and importantly, gave an opportunity to deep dive into the ICF competencies. thanks Regal for the opportunity,
Smita Sahu
Smita Sahu
If you aspire to be a coach and part of the community, Regal is the best in the country undoubtedly ...Truly making an effort to fulfill the aspiration to contribute in the field of coaching...
Selva thecoach
Selva thecoach
Fantastic place for get trained in coaching and find like minded community of practicing coaches. Amazing team that is supportive much after you have been completed the training. Highly recommended.
It is about making a coach. Evolving a different human being during the coaching journey is all about Subash as a Mentor and Regal Unlimited as a platform. The extensive presence Subash provides as a mentor regardless his availability at the moment or situation is tremendous. This is my way of expressing my regards to Subash as a mentor. Regal Unlimited is not just a platform for ICF accreditation alone. How much Regal ecosystem as a platform, is able to imbibe the coaching mindset during the journey towards the ICF accreditation is the real charm. The Coaching Journey at Regal Unlimited is a unique experience, every individual must go through. A definite recommendation towards the career or life goals, what ever function and profession one may belong to.
Sandeep Asok
Sandeep Asok
It's a great experience with Subhash and team
Saravana Kumar Krishnan
Saravana Kumar Krishnan
Subash & team operate with a high standard and deep commitment in grooming future coaches.
S Basu
S Basu
Hi this is Saswati I found the Regal Unlimited helps one to tap his/her potential and transforms one as a better individual. I have really enjoyed the course & found it very rewarding. Entire team is helpful , process practiced is very informative with clear instructions on how to become a successful Coach. Fantastic & inspiring.
Preena Ravindran
Preena Ravindran
It was an all together many new learning about myself .The entire teaching faculty is very good and experienced ,who are highly process driven . Best part is mentors support is just a click away .Thanks for all the valuable coaching inputs.will confidently recommend Regal Unlimited in my circle.
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