– ‘If a banker is overweight, it need not damage his or her credibility, as their business is money, not fitness‘ – A banker, who can not take care of himself, can he take care of my money?

– ‘Coaches, too, are human beings who have no obligation to be perfect. Claiming to be so would be unrealistic and unhelpful‘ – A coach is not perfect. From that awareness & humility, coaching can be powerful (for the client) As such no need to claim, demonstrate perfection!

– Every client is a default coach. As such every coaching conversation is as much a journey within for the coach

One Year Rule appears to be a good option. Learning the process, art & science

Alternatively, Learning the process, art & science of coaching. Continuous learning/practice/mentoring/supervised practice, will all help to ‘sharpen the saw’

It is a journey… afterall . To become a coach to Be a Coach


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