April 5: The desire to connect & receive the messages from the Universe is working well. I go to bed in that state of mind, which is better than all other emotions. The fact I am fine ‘to go with flow’ helping me. No expectation. No joy when received or no disappointment if not received. Just curious… Trying to leave to the choice of the Universe. ‘Thy Will, my Lord… not mine‘ has been a favourite prayer, all along.

This morning, was awake earlier than the alarm set! Then got this thought, which I guess was again from the Universe. ‘Loud & clear, no judgement, just with love’… The theme remains gratitude, not surprisingly!

The message was, ‘Am I grateful to my bathing towel?

Wow… that is interesting. Something as simple as common as a towel! Something I take for granted. It is there to BE, my towel. The sense of gratitude gave a new perspective.

This morning, read Adam Grant’s (Originals)perspective on listing down 3 things/12 things you are grateful for.

April 1: Got up on April 1st with a clear thought which was outcome of a message from Universe…

What is my gratitude quotient?

This is a topic that keeps coming to me from different sources, of late with increasing frequency, from podcast/articles to direct query from the Divine. While I always felt I was mindful of need for gratitude and hence tuned to that energy, the dream/vision gave me one more reminder.

While I wondered if it was my thought or dream or vision, I listened to a brilliant HayHouse podcast of a session with www.tut.com’s Mike Dooley. And he was an international tax consultant at PWC ! (Nothing is a coincidence?!!

Thanks to the podcast, I am keen to explore the messages I receive… maybe share my own TUTs?! Universe-willing!

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