I was heading the international business of a growing organization, traveling more than 200 days a year, opening new markets, and new businesses. I was on a high. Making good money and achieving more than what I or the management desired.

Early March 2018, I was drawing up the business plan for the next financial year, I was feeling a bit drained. As you know, for every business in India, the first of April everything is reset to Zero. All achievements & accomplishments are nulled. This thought disturbed me. I was feeling restless and many questions popped up in my head
– How long are you going to do it?
– What is your personal plan for the next year & for the years ahead?
– What is the purpose of your purpose of life?
– How long would you like to do what you are doing?
– Are you being happy or are you thinking that you are happy?
– What are you giving back to this world?
– What are you giving to your family?
– What you desire to be?

I went back to preparing the sales budget and never revisited those questions. I was afraid of answering them, I did not know the answers, I was not ready to answer, or I was too sucked in my work. I do not know, I never answered them. A few days later, as I was driving home, these thoughts haunted me again, this time even stronger.

For the first time, I listened. I was determined to find the answers. The next morning, I spoke about this to my best buddy. He said, “you should meet a Coach”. I asked, “what Coach?”, he replied, “meet this person, you should”. I desperately needed answers, I called the Coach and scheduled a meeting with her a few days later, 10 am, at a coffee shop.

After a brief introduction, I saw myself opening to this person. I was like a dam that opened after heavy rains. I gushed. I spoke for almost two hours. As we were drawing to closure, she asked “Madhu, how are you feeling “. I said I feel empty, she smiled. She added, Can I make a suggestion, I said go ahead, she said: “you may like to visit the website of International Coaching Federation (ICF) and see if you would like to take up coaching “. I bid her adieu. I discovered I was being coached and was in a coaching session, much after she left.

That evening, I reflected. I discovered that I drew my energies from and being with people, I liked to do something that was creative, I felt fulfilled when I made a change in someone’s life. I had answered all the questions that haunted me. I visited the webpage of ICF, I knew that moment that I am meant to be a coach.

Today, I am a full time certified coach. I am not chasing targets nor planes. I am serene!!


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